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Frostbite is an engine developed by EA DICE.

Frostbite 2 Edit

Game Release Date Status Details Notes Driver Version
Need for Speed The Run November 15, 2011 ?
Battlefield 3 October 25, 2011 Excellent Catalyst 15.7.1

Frostbite 3 Edit

Game Release Date Status Details Notes Driver Version
Battlefield 4 October 29, 2013 Excellent Excellent scaling, minimal microstutter The game may crash frequently when using Mantle and Crossfire at the same time, no issues using DirectX renderer Crimson 15.12
Battlefield Hardline March 17, 2015 ?
Star Wars Battlefront November 17, 2015 ?
Battlefield 1 October 21, 2016 DirectX 11:



DirectX 12:


Excellent Scaling, mininmal microstutter

Crimson 16.11.3

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